The Performance

FUGL is a dreamy hybrid performance of dance theatre, video and music melting together in one complete picture.

The characters perform in colourful bird costumes and the dance of the shadows meet the slow moving images of nature. Together with evocative music a universe with space for contemplation is created.

It is a non verbal piece with the time length of 30 minutes, and it has shown to work with audiences in all ages. The performance needs a dark room and simple lighting to unfold as video projections is a main part.


The group Fuldmåne from Denmark consists of eight artists involved in dance, video, music, poetry and costumes/scenography. Traveling with the performance we are 2 people: Sara Freja Harries and Eva Esmann Behrens.

The whole group includes:

Eva Esmann Behrens: Artistic director, Dance, music

Sara Freja Harries Dance, music

Rose Kristoffersen: Video

Radek Bekieler: Music

Reagan Odour Nyanchienga: Music

Gry Buhrkall: Music
Irene Kleisdorff Hougaard: Costumes

Annet Harries: Poem

The Performance is supported by OFF-TRACK and DATS



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